LINDA. Magazine

As a photo editor at LINDA. Magazine I have the opportunity to create amazing concepts and work with the best photographers to make those concepts a reality. Some of my favorites right here;

Photocredit: left Wyne Veen - middel: Eva Roovers - right: Denis Koval.

The Lunchlady

Twelve o’clock sharp The Lunchlady will serve you your daily fresh portion of inspiration, straight into your inbox. Keeping it simple but distinctive, this newsletter will point you in the right direction of art, desirables and must goes.


Groundmagazine is an online bimonthly magazine supplying artists and editors with the platform for experimentation. Published since 2009, the magazine featured various talented artist like Isabelle Wenzel, Johan Nieuwenhuize and Anouk Kruithof. Groundmagazine is discontinued in 2016.

Autonomous Work

Below you can find the printed outcome of various photography projects. My autonomous work revolves around the photographic medium as a two dimentional representation of a three dimentional reality. This never stops to fascinate me.